Anglo Boer War

Listed below are the names and details of soliders from the district who enlisted/went to the war in South Africa.

They have been provided by local researcher and historian Tony Ford.


ANDERSONJames PercyRushworthPrivate 16765th Victorian Mtd RiflesAlso WW1 - No 4069 4th Battalion (MID)
ANDERSONLaurence FrancisRushworthSergeant9375Sth African Mtd IrregularsAlso WW1 - No 342 8th Battalion
BEDWELLWilliam AlexanderRushworthPrivate 501st WA Mounted InfantryAlso WW1 - No 7829 11th Battalion
BLISSFrederick RushworthPrivate 2106th Bn Aust Comm Horse 
BOWLERWilliam ArthurWhrooPrivate 5532nd Bn Aust Comm Horse 
BRAINGeorge MurchisonPrivate 6512nd Bn Aust Comm Horse 
BRASHERHarryRushworthPrivate 2236th Bn Aust Comm Horse 
CONWAYJamesCoropPrivate 6062nd Bn Aust Comm Horse 
DEGNERFrancis Carl AugustMooraPrivate 22864th Bn Aust Comm Horse 
FERGUSONKennethMurchisonPrivate 1472nd Vic Mtd Rifles 
FOWLERWilliam WRushworthPrivate  5th Victorian Mtd RiflesSelected but broke leg in fall from horse before departing
GEARYAmbrose TimothyMurchisonPrivate 3933rd Vic Imperial BushmenBorn Murchison. First tour of duty
GEARYAmbrose TimothyMurchisonPrivate 22454th Aust Comm HorseSecond tour of duty. Also WW1 - No 4716, 21st Battalion
GILLJohn JamesRushworthPrivate 14075th Victorian Mtd Rifles 
HAMILTONCharlesRushworthPrivate 2186th Bn Aust Comm Horse 
HORSBURGHErnestBailiestonPrivate 3103rd Vic Imperial BushmenDangerously wounded nr Warrenton 18.4.1901
JEWELLGeorgeMurchisonSaddler16855th Victorian Mtd RiflesSlightly wounded Wilmansrust 12.6.01
LOCKWOODJames Benjamin EdwardMurchisonPrivate 1512nd Vic Mtd RiflesSlightly wounded Belfast 26.8.1900
LUCASGordonRushworthPrivate 1161st Vic InfantryMounted from 1.2.1900. First tour of duty
LUCASGordonRushworthLance Cpl13365th Victorian Mtd RiflesSecond tour of duty. Also WW1 - No 446 5th Battalion
LYSAUGHTHenry George WilliamCoropPrivate 2834rd Vic Imperial Bushmen 
MARCHReubenMurchisonPrivate 2136th Bn Aust Comm HorseAlso WW1 - No 331A 13th Light Horse
MCDONALDAlexander JRushworthPrivate 5192nd Bn Aust Comm Horse 
MCDONALDJames StephenMurchisonPrivate 416Vic Imperial BushmenBorn Gippsland
MILLERAndrewGoulburn WeirPrivate 5914th Vic Imperial BushmenBrother of Charles
MILLERCharlesGoulburn WeirPrivate 161st Vic Mtd RiflesAlso WW1 - No 1493 1st Aust Pioneers
MORTONWilliam JohnCorop WestPrivate 4224th Vic Imperial BushmenFirst tour of duty
MORTONWilliam JohnCorop WestBombardier382322nd Scottish HorseSecond tour of duty
NICHOLASAlbert JosephRushworthLance Cpl316922nd Scottish HorseSelected for 2nd Contingent. Balloted out?
PAVEYSimon MurchisonShoeing Smith2166th Bn Aust Comm Horse 
POCKNEERichardRushworthPrivate 2246th Bn Aust Comm Horse 
ROBERTS*James CharlesRushworth/MurchisonLieutenantN/A1st Vic Mtd RiflesKilled at Pink Hill (Rensburg) 12.2.1900
SEMMENSJames MRushworthLieutenantN/AEnlisted but did not go to overseas Lt Colonel in WW1, initially commanding 6th Bn
SOUTHAlfred ElphinstoneMurchisonPrivate 199Vic Imperial BushmenFirst tour of duty
SOUTHAlfred ElphinstoneMurchisonPrivate 4762nd Bn Aust Comm HorseSecond tour of duty
SPENCEGeorge WatsonRushworthPrivate 15385th Victorian Mtd Rifles 
STEVENSCharles Henry Jr (Harry)CoropLance Cpl6033rd Vic Imperial BushmenElands River POW 2.9.00-11.10.00; Severely wounded Wolvekuil 14.2.01
STEVENSCharles Henry Jr (Harry)CoropSergeant1013rd NSW Infantry BnSecond tour of duty. Also Home Service in WW2, No V6887
STOCKWalterWhrooPrivate 2056th Bn Aust Comm Horse 
TAYLORJohn HenryRushworthPrivate 2066th Bn Aust Comm Horse 
TREYVAUDAlbert JohnRushworthDriver2392nd Vic Mtd RiflesFather was Clerk of Courts in Rushworth
WOODBRIDGEJohn JamesRushworthFarrier-Sgt2692nd Vic Mtd Regiment


BUTCHERAlbert JohnElmorePrivate601st Vic Mtd RiflesFirst tour of duty
BUTCHERAlbert JohnElmorePrivate5662nd Bn Aust Comm HorseSecond tour of duty
CAHILLWilliam Murchison EastTrooper1535th Bn Aust Comm HorseAlso WW1 - No 3281 7th Battalion
CALDERHorace?TaturaLieutenant Victorian Scottish RegtFarewelled in Rushworth Jan 1900
CLARKEGeorge LaurenceElmorePrivate111st WA Mounted InfantryIn same WA unit as Alex Bedwell. Father born Rushworth
FORTUNEJohn FrancisSouth ElmorePrivate3963rd VMRInvalided to Aust arr 2.5.01; WW1 - No 3028 Farrier Sgt Aust Mtd Div Train
IRELANDFrankGoornongPrivate465Vic Imperial BushmenLater Cpl per Murray
KORTUMHerbert JamesElmorePrivate621st Vic Mtd Rifles 
MCBEANPaulMurchison EastLance Cpl2196th Bn Aust Comm HorseAlso WW1 - No 10904 3rd Div Train AASC
MCKEESamuel BatesRedcastleLance Cpl1874th Vic Imperial Bushmen 
MCKEESamuel BatesRedcastle 5915th Victorian Mtd Rifles?Second tour, but no record in nominal roll
MCLAYHenry DevineGoornongPrivate591st Vic Mtd RiflesFirst tour of duty
MCLAYHenry DevineGoornongLance Cpl5642nd Bn Aust Comm HorseSecond tour of duty
MORRISONJames Charles (Jim)Violet TownCorporal5904th Vic Imperial BushmenReturned after this service and served with South African units
SHEEHANDaniel ElmorePrivate3482nd VMRBrother of William
SHEEHANWilliam ThomasElmoreCorporal2574th Vic Imperial BushmenBrother of Daniel; Mentioned in Despatches, London Gazette 7.5.01
SHEEHANWilliam ThomasElmoreCorporal5092nd Aust Comm HorseSecond tour of duty
SOMERPhillip JamesHarstonPrivate 4894th Vic Imperial Bushmen 
SOMER*William HenryHarstonTrooper9825Kitchener's HorseColonial unit of British forces; Enlisted 30.8.00; Killed at Lillydale 17.3.1901
TELFORDCharles Alexander ElmorePrivate4944th Vic Imperial Bushmen 
THORPE*Frederick BealWahring Private 6063rd Vic Imperial BushmenDied of dysentery at Pretoria 13.1.1901
WHITE*James EdwinViolet TownPrivate14755 VMRKilled at Middle Kraal 29.5.01
WILLIAMS*Charles EdwinViolet TownPrivate551 VMRKilled at Pink Hill (Rensburg) 12.2.1900
WILLIAMSON*James William NicholasRochesterFarrier Sgt629Vic Imperial BushmenDied of dysentery at Pretoria 22.12.1900; brother of Shire of W Councillor