Rushworth Cemetery Obituaries

These obituaries, death notices and reports have been reproduced from newspapers,
particularly from the Waranga Chronicle and Rushworth Chronicle.
They date primarily from the late 1800s and early 1900s.

They have been provided by local researcher and historian Alan McLean.

Later obituaries have generally been provided by family members or friends of the deceased.

If you would like an obituary to be listed on the website for a deceased family member or friend contact a member of the cemetery trust.

There are over 1000 obituaries listed below.

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Abraham Webb July 1913Link

Adolphus Smit August 1900Link

Agnes Jane Laurie December 1958Link

Agnes Ludlow March 1891Link

Ah Chock July 1885Link

Ah So September 1893Link

Ah Thom death 1879Link

Alan Hilder January 1937Link

Alan Stewart senr January 1922Link

Albert Church November 1934Link

Albert Curtis April 1934Link

Albert H. Sprackland November 1942Link

Alex Mackie May 1913Link

Alexander Crilly November 1919Link

Alexander Crilly November 1919Link

Alexander Dowling February 1934Link

Alexander G Brice November 1887Link

Alexander Gunn September 1915Link

Alexander Mitchell September 1942Link

Alexander Pow January 1903Link

Alexander S. Davies March 1941Link

Alexander Spence July 1909Link

Alexander Stewart November 1928Link

Alfred Baldwin March 1935Link

Alfred Berry August 1936Link

Alfred Corner January 1911Link

Alfred Jones October 1938Link

Alfred Lambert July 1938Link

Alfred Sayers August 1919Link

Alfred Southern May 1903Link

Alice Bowley December 1885Link

Amy Poole March 1893Link

Andrew Collie December 1899Link

Andrew Gordon Laurie October 1963Link

Andrew Neilson March 1934Link

Andrew Spence August 1894Link

Andrew Spence August 1930Link

Andrew Strawhorn March 1891Link

Angus Cameron November 1937Link

Angus McPherson October 1891Link

Angus Ross May 1880Link

Ann Cameron March 1887Link

Anne Frost October 1880Link

Annie Douglass October 1901Link

Antonio Bettinelli January 1916Link

Archibald McNicol November 1922Link

Archibald Sutherland May 1888Link

Archie Charlett April 1927Link

Archie Seignior May 1937Link

Arthur H. Lambden May 1934Link

Arthur Kittle January 1910Link

Augustus Robinson July 1938Link

Augustus William Thompson November 1937Link

Benjamin Hannah August 1936Link

Benjamin James Long September 1940Link

Benjamin Lockwood June 1879Link

Bertel Berthelsen July 1898Link

Betty Murphy November 1934Link

Burl Lloyd May 1918Link

Capt Alfred Darby March 1895Link

Carrie Groome March 1887Link

Catherine Keogh April 1891Link

Charles Allen September 1916Link

Charles Arthur Brideson July 1937Link

Charles Ayers July 1907Link

Charles Berry January 1937Link

Charles Bowen February 1934Link

Charles Brydon February 1928Link

Charles Cameron February 1908Link

Charles Daniel Hick November 1937Link

Charles E. Miller August 1931Link

Charles Egbert Smith August 1923Link

Charles G. Green September 1936Link

Charles H. Cameron April 1930Link

Charles H. Davis November 1932Link

Charles Hannan September 1879Link

Charles Henderson June 1914Link

Charles James Robinson October 1931Link

Charles John Jones July 1937Link

Charles King August 1906Link

Child of Crocker August 1888Link

Child of E. A. Muhlhan September 1897Link

Child of J. C. Walbran April 1894Link

Child of James and Mrs Potter February 1918Link

Child of Miller August 1888Link

Child of Mr and Mrs David Lawrie February 1914Link

Child of Mr and Mrs F Corner April 1903Link

Child of Mr and Mrs F Corner January 1918Link

Child of Mr and Mrs F. Wall September 1921Link

Child of Mr and Mrs H Ryan September 1893Link

Child of Mr and Mrs James Potter February 1918Link

Child of Mr and Mrs John Davies April 1898Link

Child of Mr and Mrs Marks April 1898Link

Child of Mr and Mrs O'Callaghan September 1917Link

Child of Mr and Mrs W. Berry February 1923Link

Child of Mr and Mrs W. Cheong May 1918Link

Child of Mr C. Berry July 1898Link

Child of Mr Carlin January 1873Link

Child of Mr Conrick December 1885Link

Child of Mr Crozier March 1903Link

Child of Mr H. Ryan December 1885Link

Child of Mr James Poulson December 1886Link

Child of Mr McGrillon January 1911Link

Child of Mr R. Morgan December 1886Link

Child of Mr W Smith November 1906Link

Child of Mr Way November 1882Link

Child of W. Bradford May 1890Link

Child of William Anderson Dec 1889Link

Child Young February 1879Link

Children of J. Johnstone July 1897Link

Children of Mr H Ryan November 1886Link

Children of Mr W. M. Brown April 1885Link

Christian Bertram August 1915Link

Christina Fairy O'Donnell May 1902Link

Christina Fraser November 1914Link

Christopher Hanson April 1898Link

Clarice Armstrong October 1902Link

Clement J Wilson May 1933Link

Clement Mumford November 1882Link

Cliff La Peyre June 1916Link

Colin Crilly January 2020Link

Conrad Geisler July 1925Link

Cornelius O'Leary May 1937Link

Cr Gilbert Cochrane July 1939Link

Cyril Gallagher August 1916Link

Dalio Cruze September 1927Link

Daniel Lee July 1919Link

Daughter of Albert Merryfull December 1912Link

Daughter of Constable and Mrs Theobald March 1918Link

Daughter of James Morgan December 1912Link

Daughter of Mr A. Spence July 1900Link

Daughter of Mr and Mrs E Muhlhan June 1902Link

Daughter of Mr and Mrs Fred Merryfull June 1914Link

Daughter of Mr and Mrs Gardiner February 1903Link

Daughter of Mr and Mrs J. Kinsman April 1919Link

Daughter of Mr and Mrs James Burns March 1890Link

Daughter of Mr and Mrs Little March 1918Link

Daughter of Mr and Mrs T. J. Coyle September 1921Link

Daughter of Mr and Mrs W. Smith July 1898Link

Daughter of Mr C Davidson January 1873Link

Daughter of Mr Faulkner June 1886Link

Daughter of Mr G. Harrison April 1885Link

Daughter of Mr R. Muir January 1912Link

Daughter of Mr S Risstrom May 1901Link

Daughter of Mr S. Fraser March 1875Link

Daughter of Mr W. Ryan April 1877Link

Daughter of William Nash November 1916Link

Daughters of Mrs Fox March 1899Link

David Edwards September 1897Link

David Hawking April 1918Link

David McKay July 1890Link

David Morris Morgan June 1942Link

David Scott August 1886Link

David Small May 1899Link

Digby Heily December 1894Link

Donald Fraser October 1918Link

Donald McLeod July 1903Link

Dorothy Meakin November 1926Link

Douglas Crilly October 2016Link

Dr. J. Triado December 1927Link

Dugald Cameron December 1905Link

Duncan Macfarlane October 1892Link

Eddie Mosely March 1916Link

Edith Hillman March 1893Link

Edna Lloyd July 1926Link

Edward Byrne July 1896Link

Edward G. Hammond January 1932Link

Edward Hobday April 1875Link

Edward Johnson September 1918Link

Edward Ned Capon September 1911Link

Edward Sprunt May 1920Link

Edwin Rich June 1939Link

Eldrick Skipper March 1895Link

Eleanor Smith July 1886Link

Elizabeth Anderson November 1936Link

Elizabeth Brander March 1907Link

Elizabeth Brice July 1897Link

Elizabeth Hicks February 1907Link

Elizabeth Luckhurst August 1886Link

Elizabeth McQuaid April 1905Link

Elizabeth Pettifer October 1888Link

Ellen Kearney July 1916Link

Emily Brideson March 1889Link

Emmanuel Merryfull September 1942Link

Enos Brasher December 1928Link

Eric Robert McIntosh September 1938Link

Ernest Greenaway February 1926Link

Eulalie Stewart March 1916Link

Eva Bradford April 1889Link

Evelyn Betty Crilly July 2013Link

Evelyn Cameron October 1913Link

Fentham child June 1939Link

Francis Guy March 1939Link

Frank Esmonde September 1885Link

Frank Folvig June 1912Link

Frank Hilburn August 1920Link

Frank Miller May 1889Link

Frank Murdoch December 1895Link

Frank O'Neill August 1926Link

Frank Sutton August 1937Link

Fred Douglass May 1898Link

Fred Fuhltom February 1905Link

Fred Harriman November 1903Link

Fred Hilburn November 1898Link

Frederick Berry July 1919Link

Frederick Heathorn Smith June 1884Link

Frederick Miller August 1874Link

Frederick Poole March 1883Link

Frederick Rich January 1940Link

Frederick Smith August 1934Link

G. Marsland November 1894Link

Geo Davis March 1909Link

Geoffry Pyle December 1924Link

George Anderson March 1918Link

George Brice junior December 1892Link

George Charity January 1913Link

George Crilly October 1959Link

George Crothers January 1910Link

George Davis January 1919Link

George Geisler December 1926Link

George Hawking July 1936Link

George Hilburn May 1926Link

George Hitchcock March 1937Link

George Jenkins January 1872Link

George Jones April 1883Link

George Keys January 1919Link

George King June 1908Link

George Mackrodt April 1896Link

George Mapleback July 1907Link

George Marks June 1928Link

George Mathers November 1906Link

George Mathers September 1903Link

George McLeod March 1912Link

George Norman August 1879Link

George Phillips June 1893Link

George Scott April 1879Link

George Scurry October 1883Link

George Smith November 1924Link

George Spence August 1932Link

George Wilcox February 1925Link

Gladys Bishop September 1892Link

Goon Ghi September 1882Link

Graham Worden 1942 and Robert Worden 1933Link

Graham Worden 1942Link

Gustave Spoerri August 1883Link

Hannah Phillips May 1886Link

Harold Earl October 1921Link

Harold Enders February 1916Link

Harriet Neill July 1897Link

Harry Pepperell March 1936Link

Henry Barnes Pitman June 1872Link

Henry Boxshall December 1915Link

Henry Braddy January 1903Link

Henry Brideson October 1873Link

Henry Ferris June 1910Link

Henry Hicks August 1890Link

Henry John Richardson March 1885Link

Henry Lambden July 1920Link

Henry Marshall June 1899Link

Henry Martin May 1939Link

Henry Mess September 1923Link

Henry Richardson March 1885Link

Henry Singleton May 1889Link

Henry Snelling June 1897Link

Henry Spencer March 1892Link

Henry Thompson June 1893Link

Henry White October 1891Link

Herbert Ahern December 1929Link

Herbert Meyers April 1885Link

Herbert Southam November 1892Link

Herbert Wootton May 1883Link

Hetty Crilly 1957Link

Hong Chong May 1910Link

Hugh Kane August 1887Link

Infant daughter of Arthur Akers May 1905Link

Infant son of Joseph and Sarah Wing May 1889Link

Infant son of Mr and Mrs Frank Holloway Jan 1905Link

Irvine Darby October 1914Link

Isaac Furphy February 1932Link

Isaac Vanthoft June 1901Link

Isabella Furphy September 1938Link

Isabella Keogh June 1885Link

Ivy Buzza 2011Link

Jack Crilly January 2010Link

Jack Simpson July 1938Link

Jack Smith August 1919Link

Jacob Geisler December 1924Link

James Anstead February 1879Link

James Bailey July 1914Link

James Brooks March 1886Link

James Bryce November 1877Link

James Byrne December 1904Link

James Dowling June 1899Link

James E. Trost February 1940Link

James Eustace August 1902Link

James Fitzpatrick January 1919Link

James George LaurieLink

James Goodier June 1883Link

James Gunn January 1918Link

James Hamilton March 1882Link

James Howard March 1936Link

James Johnson January 1910Link

James Kerr August 1875Link

James Lambden September 1892Link

James Lawrie gun death 1898Link

James Lawrie September 1892Link

James Mackie Sept 1895Link

James Potter August 1920Link

James Poulson May 1897Link

James Risstrom April 1903Link

James Rodsted February 1884Link

James Ryan July 1895Link

James Ryan October 1879Link

James Septimus Darby January 1893Link

James Shewan April 1891Link

James Shewan August 1902Link

James Spence January 1892Link

James Stanley Stewart November 1913Link

James Stewart August 1888Link

James Thompson July 1902Link

James Tinson February 1900Link

James Walter Poulson December 1953Link

James Waterson January 1873Link

James Webb July 1910Link

Jane Taylor June 1894Link

Janet Davies December 1926Link

Janet Hammond May 1913Link

Jeffrey Perry 2017Link

Jeremiah Dooley April 1889Link

Jeremiah McLaughlin November 1933Link

Jeremiah Ryan April 1881Link

Jes Hansen Dreyer December 1912Link

Jimmy Ryan June 1880Link

Johanna Fitzpatrick November 1936Link

John Ahern December 1935Link

John Ahern February 1881Link

John Allen December 1911Link

John Ayers jnr July 1906Link

John Ayers snr February 1906Link

John Bradley September 1883Link

John Bryce June 1872Link

John Carson May 1884Link

John Clayton April 1929Link

John Collie March 1882Link

John Conrick November 1897Link

John Corner September 1911Link

John Crawley June 1901Link

John Crilly November 1929Link

John Crilly November 1929Link

John Cullinan July 1888Link

John Danckert March 1937Link

John Dixon February 1925Link

John Edward Toohey January 1938Link

John Ellett October 1882Link

John Ewen Cameron June 1941Link

John G. Eddy September 1930Link

John Gaynor September 1893Link

John Graham 2014Link

John Gregory January 1879Link

John Gregson October 1893Link

John Groom June 1903Link

John Guy March 1895Link

John Henry Smith August 1919Link

John Hicks December 1912Link

John Hill July 1916Link

John Holden April 1889Link

John Kane July 1933Link

John Laracy jnr May 1894Link

John Lathrope November 1941Link

John Lavender March 1926Link

John Lohse May 1883Link

John Matheson August 1897Link

John McArdle June 1936Link

John McKenzie July 1896Link

John McLennan March 1937Link

John Merryfull April 1907Link

John Mitchell March 1903Link

John Mullany May 1903Link

John Murray July 1898Link

John Patrick Sexton December 1945Link

John Peebles July 1908Link

John Poole November 1894Link

John Ratcliffe Janaury 1890Link

John Reed April 1884Link

John Reid November 1869Link

John Richards December 1897Link

John Robinson September 1884Link

John S. Laurie December 1929Link

John Sands November 1872Link

John Shewan August 1913Link

John Short May 1899Link

John Sinnett September 1885Link

John Smith June 1909Link

John Spencer Neale June 1962Link

John Stewart January 1891Link

John Stewart January 1938Link

John Sutton LaurieLink

John Thomas August 1907Link

John Thomas Ryan November 1916Link

John Thomas September 1885Link

John Vaughan July 1930Link

John Watson June 1896Link

Joseph Hageman April 1928Link

Joseph Henry Lloyd November 1937Link

Joseph Henry McArdle February 1937Link

Joseph Holden November 1921Link

Joseph Pettifer November 1900Link

Joseph Service November 1912Link

Joseph Short October 1889Link

Joseph William Russel July 1938Link

Joseph Woodward June 1914Link

Judith Furphy December 1917Link

Kathleen McArdle April 1918Link

Keith Colliver August 1936Link

Keith Geisler September 1934Link

Leo Carosin November 1927Link

Leonardo Guiliani February 1908Link

Leslie Joseph Crilly October 1998Link

Leslie Joy McLeod May 1922Link

Lewis Emmett January 1940Link

Lillian Ivy Jones May 1930Link

Louey Suitor January 1906Link

Margaret O'Neil June 1936Link

Margaret West March 1890Link

Maria Merryfull December 1897Link

Marion Janet Hammond May 1915Link

Martin Roche March 1940Link

Martin West December 1888Link

Mary Ann Halpin March 1872Link

Mary Ann Risstrom December 1895Link

Mary Ann Taylor July 1891Link

Mary Boyd July 1936Link

Mary Hilman March 1893Link

Mary Jane Brideson January 1940Link

Mary Jane Brown July 1884Link

Mary Jane Crocker June 1892Link

Mary Jane Folvig October 1940Link

Mary Loughridge April 1912Link

Mary Maroney November 1908Link

Mary Rodsted and her brother October 1874Link

Mary Smith November 1888Link

Master Allan McLeod May 1933Link

Master Daryl William Lambden April 1939Link

Master David Jarrett March 1934Link

Master Graeme Ernest Cochrane March 1939Link

Master LeRoy February 1915Link

Master Robert Worden October 1933Link

Master Thomas Hinchcliffe November 1928Link

Master W. Geyle April 1915Link

Matheson deaths Oct and Nov 1889Link

Matthew Hamilton February 1935Link

Maurice Frowd March 1914Link

Max Potter December 1937Link

Mena Merryfull May 1897Link

Merchant Coy April 1891Link

Michael Carlin January 1878Link

Michael Tracey October 1885Link

Michael Walshe September 1877Link

Miss Agnes Stewart June 1903Link

Miss Alder February 1908Link

Miss Alva Peverill August 1908Link

Miss Annie Corner November 1933Link

Miss Annie Downing April 1905Link

Miss Annie Muhlhan July 1882Link

Miss Armstrong October 1902Link

Miss Baynton June 1920Link

Miss Bella Scott September 1918Link

Miss Berg August 1872Link

Miss Bessie Steigenberger August 1909Link

Miss Caroline Lambden September 1900Link

Miss Catherine Conrick June 1904Link

Miss Eileen Collie February 1920Link

Miss Elizabeth Strawhorn June 1887Link

Miss Elsie Jones October 1913Link

Miss Georgina Hutchison May 1902Link

Miss Harriet Bedwell July 1923Link

Miss Hawking September 1903Link

Miss Hazel Wilson August 1941Link

Miss Helen Mackie July 1898Link

Miss Isabella Furphy April 1923Link

Miss Jane Cochrane Strawhorn April 1942Link

Miss Jane Stewart January 1918Link

Miss Janet Strawhorn April 1907Link

Miss Jessie Cameron January 1897Link

Miss Margaret Gunn July 1929Link

Miss Mary Fraser June 1946Link

Miss Millie Collard March 1919Link

Miss Muhlhan June 1902Link

Miss Nellie Anderson June 1888Link

Miss Norma Laurie December 1932Link

Miss Pearl Theobald April 1920Link

Miss Rose Bradford January 1909Link

Miss Sarah Jane Barlow August 1935Link

Morris Parry December 1877Link

Mr H. (Groves) White April 1929Link

Mr A Cattanach October 1902Link

Mr A Miller October 1902Link

Mr A. Johansen January 1918Link

Mr Ah Chong April 1911Link

Mr Albert Groves-White November 1933Link

Mr Albert Melville September 1911Link

Mr Alex Ingram June 1909Link

Mr Alexander Ross July 1902Link

Mr Alexander Stewart November 1928Link

Mr Archibald Darby March 1942Link

Mr Arthur Price February 1941Link

Mr Ayers January 1891Link

Mr B Berthelsen August 1902Link

Mr Brooks March 1881Link

Mr C Muhlhan January 1899Link

Mr C. Chamberlain August 1897Link

Mr C. H. Davis April 1918Link

Mr Cameron's sister March 1887Link

Mr Cattlin September 1888Link

Mr Charles Bartlett July 1900Link

Mr Charles Simpson November 1880Link

Mr Colin Cameron January 1942Link

Mr Dunn December 1887Link

Mr Dwyer January 1882Link

Mr E. B. Boulter May 1872Link

Mr E. Hicks March 1886Link

Mr Eade September 1888Link

Mr F. P. Enders October 1928Link

Mr F. West October 1900Link

Mr Finley McNicol April 1915Link

Mr G. L. Butlin July 1925Link

Mr Geisler March 1903Link

Mr George Anderson April 1916Link

Mr George Bird May 1904Link

Mr George Cracknell February 1902Link

Mr George Groves White September 1942Link

Mr George Groves-White September 1920Link

Mr Gerald Brice April 1941Link

Mr H. C. Prentice March 1902Link

Mr H. O'Sullivan September 1897Link

Mr Harry Gibbs September 1942Link

Mr Hubert Esmonde April 1916Link

Mr J G George Marks June 1914Link

Mr J Steigenberger June 1903Link

Mr J. Burch February 1898Link

Mr J. G. Rice December 1887Link

Mr J. J. Harley August 1905Link

Mr J. R. Dick Wootton November 1898Link

Mr J. S. Darby January 1893Link

Mr J. S. Turnbull May 1906Link

Mr J. Tomkins December 1883Link

Mr James Charles Walbran January 1941Link

Mr James Collard December 1902Link

Mr James Hilburn July 1915Link

Mr James Kearney February 1900Link

Mr James Russel January 1912Link

Mr John Kelly February 1883Link

Mr John Laracy October 1915Link

Mr John Roach October 1942Link

Mr John Rose August 1914Link

Mr John Wall September 1916Link

Mr L Widman August 1900Link

Mr Leo Carosin November 1927Link

Mr Louis Bertram June 1941Link

Mr Manning September 1881Link

Mr McFarlane August 1900Link

Mr Mortimer November 1889Link

Mr Neil Neilsen April 1902Link

Mr P Breheny March 1897Link

Mr P. Smart November 1879Link

Mr R. Duke January 1912Link

Mr Richard Teece May 1902Link

Mr Robert Seignior May 1912Link

Mr Russell October 1874Link

Mr T Fitzpatrick June 1872Link

Mr T West August 1893Link

Mr T. Clausen November 1888Link

Mr T. Esmonde August 1897Link

Mr T. G. Anderson August 1901Link

Mr T. H. Miller November 1894Link

Mr T. J. J. Wyatt March 1878Link

Mr T. Lidwell Smith June 1886Link

Mr Thomas D Sleep February 1915Link

Mr W Boyd May 1902Link

Mr W Kershaw December 1889Link

Mr W. Burch October 1894Link

Mr W. C. Walbran July 1892Link

Mr W. D. Taylor May 1893Link

Mr W. Dixon September 1881Link

Mr W. H. Growse July 1882Link

Mr W. H. Hawking October 1905Link

Mr W. H. Sleep March 1894Link

Mr W. Hawking March 1899Link

Mr W. Meacham June 1895Link

Mr W. Taylor October 1904Link

Mr William Allen November 1902Link

Mr William Berry October 1927Link

Mr William Drennan July 1911Link

Mr William Hageman July 1928Link

Mrs A Day jnr September 1872Link

Mrs A H Pyle June 1920Link

Mrs A. H. Pyle June 1920Link

Mrs A. J. Williamson April 1907Link

Mrs A. M. Potter April 1929Link

Mrs Agnes Crothers September 1942Link

Mrs Agnes Wootton July 1936Link

Mrs Alexander Bryce September 1881Link

Mrs Alf Bolger May 1920Link

Mrs Alfred Collier January 1888Link

Mrs Alfred Corner October 1926Link

Mrs Alice Agnes Laurie September 1942Link

Mrs Alice Bailey June 1930Link

Mrs Andrea Clausen July 1912Link

Mrs Andrew Spence November 1912Link

Mrs Ann Steward October 1905Link

Mrs Anna Sherman July 1936Link

Mrs Anne Blake October 1923Link

Mrs Anne Jane Bowen September 1933Link

Mrs Annie Nielsen January 1924 (died December 1923)Link

Mrs Annie Prentice May 1911Link

Mrs Arthur April 1895Link

Mrs Bartlett October 1884Link

Mrs Beatrice Wall December 1920Link

Mrs Bethea Weppner April 1939Link

Mrs Betsy White August 1884Link

Mrs Bradford September 1887Link

Mrs Brown December 1900Link

Mrs Buchanan January 1899Link

Mrs Buchanan July 1902Link

Mrs Burgess February 1915Link

Mrs Burns September 1889Link

Mrs C. D. Hick July 1930Link

Mrs C. H. Cameron June 1930Link

Mrs C. McFarlane August 1928Link

Mrs C. T. Berry October 1929Link

Mrs C. W. Turnbull February 1915Link

Mrs Catherine Anderson July 1932Link

Mrs Catherine Holden March 1925Link

Mrs Catherine MacInnes April 1942Link

Mrs Catherine Miller December 1914Link

Mrs Catherine Peebles September 1942Link

Mrs Catherine Smith April 1893Link

Mrs Cecilia Gunn October 1906Link

Mrs Celina Brasher February 1930Link

Mrs Charlett August 1905Link

Mrs Crilly November 1875Link

Mrs D. McKay June 1903Link

Mrs Delia Smith September 1892Link

Mrs Don McLeod May 1910Link

Mrs Doris Golden May 1908Link

Mrs Dorothy Smith February 1942Link

Mrs Dunn January 1887Link

Mrs Dunn March 1892Link

Mrs Dwyer September 1889Link

Mrs E. A. Coyle January 1937Link

Mrs E. F. Geyle December 1904Link

Mrs E. Lloyd March 1898Link

Mrs E. P. Bedwell June 1897Link

Mrs Edward Johnson January 1905Link

Mrs Edward Johnson March 1905Link

Mrs Egan February 1892Link

Mrs Eliza Griffiths February 1903Link

Mrs Elizabeth Crilly April 1892Link

Mrs Elizabeth Crothers October 1917Link

Mrs Elizabeth Iddles September 1898Link

Mrs Elizabeth Johansen October 1942Link

Mrs Elizabeth Lambden June 1919Link

Mrs Elizabeth Martin January 1922Link

Mrs Elizabeth Matheson December 1941Link

Mrs Elizabeth Merryfull May 1915Link

Mrs Elizabeth Mumford April 1914Link

Mrs Elizabeth Price December 1919Link

Mrs Elizabeth Sinnett November 1882Link

Mrs Elizabeth Thomas July 1929Link

Mrs Elizabeth Thomson January 1941Link

Mrs Ellen Geyle April 1907Link

Mrs Ellen Johnson July 1885Link

Mrs Ellen McDonald December 1918Link

Mrs Ellen Robinson April 1889Link

Mrs Elsie Baldwin October 1927Link

Mrs Elsie McDonald April 1935Link

Mrs Emily Collard November 1932Link

Mrs Emma Jane Clayton July 1937Link

Mrs Emma Wall June 1922Link

Mrs Euphemia Vaughan August 1928Link

Mrs Eva Faram February 1929Link

Mrs Eveline Brady December 1938Link

Mrs Fanny Louisa Enders June 1942Link

Mrs Flora McLarty September 1916Link

Mrs Frank Enders February 1909Link

Mrs G Bowe December 1888Link

Mrs G. D. Heily September 1902Link

Mrs G. Martin August 1918Link

Mrs George Dixon October 1910Link

Mrs George Groves November 1912Link

Mrs George Groves-White November 1912Link

Mrs George Hall October 1914Link

Mrs George Hawking December 1923Link

Mrs George Mapleback March 1906Link

Mrs George Riddle October 1889Link

Mrs Gerrand October 1876Link

Mrs Geyle and baby December 1904Link

Mrs Growse June 1883Link

Mrs H. Braddy January 1901Link

Mrs H. Pepperell March 1909Link

Mrs H. Wootton November 1900Link

Mrs Hannah Ryan September 1939Link

Mrs Hannan May 1901Link

Mrs Hannon July 1873Link

Mrs Helen Laurie October 1902Link

Mrs Helena Rowley May 1901Link

Mrs Henrietta Doyle July 2017Link

Mrs Honorah Kane January 1890Link

Mrs Hortense Drew October 1888Link

Mrs Isaac Poole May 1886Link

Mrs Isabella Cracknell January 1916Link

Mrs Isabella Furphy April 1923Link

Mrs J. A. Crawford February 1905Link

Mrs J. Cook September 1896Link

Mrs J. Downing April 1905Link

Mrs J. G. Sydenham December 1889Link

Mrs J. H. G. Weaver June 1930Link

Mrs J. J. Harley January 1907Link

Mrs J. M. Scott March 1913Link

Mrs J. McLarty May 1912Link

Mrs J. S. Darby June 1904Link

Mrs J. Teur August 1908Link

Mrs James Hewitt September 1920Link

Mrs James Laurie May 1932Link

Mrs James Laurie May 1932Link

Mrs James Mackie January 1910Link

Mrs James Slee April 1919Link

Mrs James Walbran June 1895Link

Mrs Jane Hamilton August 1937Link

Mrs Jane Hammond March 1934Link

Mrs Jane Taylor June 1894Link

Mrs Janet Stewart January 1913Link

Mrs Johanna Broderick January 1909Link

Mrs John Groom February 1905Link

Mrs John Peebles January 1909Link

Mrs John Reid July 1891Link

Mrs John Ristrom August 1900Link

Mrs John Rose April 1898Link

Mrs John Ryan November 1903Link

Mrs John Stewart May 1938Link

Mrs Johnson March 1905Link

Mrs Johnson September 1874Link

Mrs Julia Geisler February 1909Link

Mrs Lavender September 1900Link

Mrs Letitia Hipgrave November 1932Link

Mrs Louis Bertram March 1922Link

Mrs Louisa Seignior December 1919Link

Mrs Louise Mary Barrette August 1939Link

Mrs Louise Simpson December 1898Link

Mrs Lydia Rivett August 1923Link

Mrs M. P. Murray August 1901Link

Mrs M. Walbran November 1910Link

Mrs Mabel Enders February 1939Link

Mrs Margaret Brown September 1923Link

Mrs Margaret Lawrie January 1938Link

Mrs Margaret McArdle January 1936Link

Mrs Margaret McCrae April 1936Link

Mrs Margaret Merkel December 1934Link

Mrs Margaret Organ November 1932Link

Mrs Maria Geyle February 1936Link

Mrs Marian Smith April 1903Link

Mrs Marion Fitzpatrick November 1935Link

Mrs Martha Jane Snelling 1954Link

Mrs Mary A Lloyd June 1932Link

Mrs Mary Ann Charry July 1920Link

Mrs Mary Ann Lewis January 1940Link

Mrs Mary Ann Rich November 1916Link

Mrs Mary Chamberlain June 1893Link

Mrs Mary Downing March 1939Link

Mrs Mary Ellen Laracy February 1920Link

Mrs Mary Gaynor July 1921Link

Mrs Mary Geisler September 1942Link

Mrs Mary Herley January 1898Link

Mrs Mary Hipgrave June 1941Link

Mrs Mary Mapleback July 1932Link

Mrs Mary McPherson July 1946Link

Mrs Mary Miller August 1938Link

Mrs Mary Perry December 1917Link

Mrs Mary Raglus July 1929Link

Mrs Mary Roche November 1939Link

Mrs Mary Rodsted November 1896Link

Mrs Mary Sayers Sept 1915Link

Mrs Mary Sprunt April 1936Link

Mrs Maryanne Steigenberger January 1936Link

Mrs Matthew Dwyer March 1899Link

Mrs McBean February 1923Link

Mrs McGrillon January 1900Link

Mrs McNicol July 1896Link

Mrs Merchant CoyLink

Mrs Mortimer May 1895Link

Mrs Norah Daly September 1919Link

Mrs Owens May 1881Link

Mrs P Breheny September 1893Link

Mrs Peel November 1903Link

Mrs Peter Laurie October 1902Link

Mrs Peter McInnes March 1894Link

Mrs R. McWhinney April 1939Link

Mrs Raven November 1875Link

Mrs Rice February 1886Link

Mrs Richardson July 1887Link

Mrs Robert Seignior August 1903Link

Mrs Rupert Parker November 1914Link

Mrs Ruth Jane SmithOctober 1933Link

Mrs S. Anderson February 1917Link

Mrs S. Hilburn October 1905Link

Mrs S. J. Hicks April 1919Link

Mrs Sally Hicks September 1908Link

Mrs Samuel Chegwidden May 1897Link

Mrs Samuel Furphy February 1894Link

Mrs Samuel Neill July 1897Link

Mrs Sarah Cameron October 1896Link

Mrs Sarah Claxton July 1881Link

Mrs Sarah Jones May 1883Link

Mrs Sarah Muhlhan January 1929Link

Mrs Sarah Stanley December 1914Link

Mrs Sarah West August 1908Link

Mrs Selina Golden May 1926Link

Mrs Sidney (Dolly) Furphy 1933Link

Mrs Sidney Furphy October 1933Link

Mrs Stewart January 1897Link

Mrs Stewart November 1911Link

Mrs Suitor December 1896Link

Mrs T Semmens July 1889Link

Mrs Terence McArdle February 1908Link

Mrs Thomas Collard September 1923Link

Mrs Thomas Crowe October 1893Link

Mrs Thomas Hicks June 1926Link

Mrs Thomas Peel November 1903Link

Mrs Tuohey May 1896Link

Mrs V. Cruz December 1926Link

Mrs Violet Meadowcroft June 1942Link

Mrs W D Taylor April 1870Link

Mrs W H Evans October 1923Link

Mrs W. B. Heily September 1918Link

Mrs W. Chamberlain May 1933Link

Mrs W. E. Cochrane October 1929Link

Mrs W. H. McCartney July 1926Link

Mrs W. LeRoy January 1928Link

Mrs Walshe January 1893Link

Mrs Walter Wall June 1903Link

Mrs Wilhelmena Williams June 1942Link

Mrs William Armstrong July 1910Link

Mrs William Cameron May 1915Link

Mrs William Dixon September 1920Link

Mrs William Hawking September 1913Link

Mrs William Medhurst November 1906Link

Mrs William Skate December 1892Link

Mrs William Stewart October 1906Link

Mrs Wilma Schade July 1946Link

Murdoch McInnes Oct 1915Link

Neil McLarty October 1898Link

Norma Jean Laurie December 1931Link

Oswald Rumble July 1926Link

Patrick Cain January 1906Link

Patrick Keogh April 1890Link

Patrick Quirk April 1935Link

Patrick Sinnett February 1883Link

Peebles June 1876Link

Percy C Robinson October 1896Link

Percy King Millar March 1892Link

Percy Waters November 1934Link

Peter Berg May 1891Link

Peter Laurie April 1909Link

Peter Laurie October 1892Link

Peter Lawrie September 1941Link

Peter McInnes January 1908Link

Peter Molloy November 1895Link

Peter Petersen August 1878Link

Peter Witnell August 1893Link

Phil Corner June 1914Link

Philip Francis December 1905Link

Phillip Kennedy July 1891Link

Poole children March 1883Link

Poole daughter May 1880Link

Radoslovich 1887Link

Ray Potter October 1931Link

Raymond Muhlhan November 1920Link

Reuben Furphy 1870Link

Rev A. J. McCausland March 1888Link

Richard Christie May 1890Link

Richard Craddock March 1892Link

Richard Crocker June 1909Link

Richard Darby May 1925Link

Richard Geyle November 1931Link

Richard Nixon June 1939Link

Richard Price August 1919Link

Richard Price December 1898Link

Richard Salmon September 1896Link

Richard Snelling March 1916Link

Richard Wootton December 1903Link

Robert Brideson April 1890Link

Robert Brideson October 1892Link

Robert Hall February 1940Link

Robert Henry May July 1939Link

Robert Laurie May 1925Link

Robert Muir May 1910Link

Robert Nicholls February 1914Link

Robert Peel November 1895Link

Robert Perry December 1894Link

Robert Richards January 1925Link

Robert Smith March 1881Link

Robert Spence Crawley March 1929Link

Robert Stewart February 1920Link

Robert Stewart July 1936Link

Robert Stockdale July 1930Link

Robert Strawhorn November 1914Link

Robert Worden 1933Link

Robinson Armstrong November 1938Link

Roger Morgan February 1908Link

Rose Baines November 1877Link

Roy King August 1929Link

Ryan child June 1883Link

Ryan children July 1880Link

Sam Furphy November 1926Link

Samuel Brown June 1897Link

Samuel Furphy October 1926Link

Samuel Furphy snr. May 1891Link

Samuel Jewell January 1914Link

Samuel Wright April 1900Link

Sarah Ludlow August 1907Link

Sergeant Wigmore October 1882Link

Simon Dwyer March 1936Link

Simon Fraser January 1927Link

Son of Alex Collie April 1919Link

Son of George Richardson December 1876Link

Son of Isaac Furphy March 1881Link

Son of J.C. Walbran December 1900Link

Son of John Dooley May 1903Link

Son of Mr and Mrs A. McIsaac July 1936Link

Son of Mr and Mrs E Rich September 1889Link

Son of Mr and Mrs R Geyle December 1900Link

Son of Mr and Mrs Thomas Davies February 1916Link

Son of Mr Boyes April 1887Link

Son of Mr Drinnan December 1906Link

Son of Mr H. Brideson January 1873Link

Son of Mr Mackie September 1885Link

Son of Mr McGrillon January 1901Link

Son of Mr McNamara April 1892Link

Son of Mr R Semmens November 1876Link

Son of Mr R. Geyle January 1901Link

Son of Mr T. Collard January 1888Link

Son of Mr W Darby September 1874Link

Son of Mr W Le Roy May 1910Link

Son of Mr W Stear June 1907Link

Son of Mr W. Le Roy May 1910Link

Son of Peter Laurie October 1883Link

Son of Thomas Hangan May 1901Link

Son of Thomas Ryan August 1882Link

Son of W. F. McNamara October 1902Link

Son of W. Sayers May 1886Link

Son of William Campbell December 1900Link

Sons of Mr and Mrs Thomas Brennan July 1897Link

Spence child July 1900Link

Stanley Smith February 1899Link

Steigenberger daughter December 1893Link

Stephen Hilburn November 1911Link

Stephen John Hicks April 1927Link

Sydney Morris August 1936Link

Ted Read August 1912Link

Thomas Blake January 1927Link

Thomas Brown September 1878Link

Thomas Casey April 1935Link

Thomas Catlin May 1894Link

Thomas Crothers February 1909Link

Thomas Davis June 1939Link

Thomas Dearman January 1869Link

Thomas Egan September 1893Link

Thomas Fitzpatrick February 1886Link

Thomas Fitzpatrick June 1872Link

Thomas G. Williams June 1942Link

Thomas Hipgrave July 1923Link

Thomas Iddles August 1935Link

Thomas Lewis August 1909Link

Thomas Lidwell Smith July 1886Link

Thomas Martin August 1896Link

Thomas Owen January 1929Link

Thomas R. Semmens July 1901Link

Thomas Raven May 1884Link

Thomas Rich August 1888Link

Thomas Ryan February 1910Link

Thomas Simpson August 1885Link

Thomas Stoddart June 1920Link

Thomas Tallon November 1923Link

Thomas Wilson August 1903Link

Thomas Wootton April 1885Link

Timothy Taylor May 1887Link

Tom Hollins June 1878Link

Tom Jones March 1903Link

Tom Maher October 1938Link

Tommy You You January 1900Link

Trevor Hilder September 1940Link

Truels Mace December 1926Link

Un-named Chinaman July 1884Link

W. Birch October 1894Link

W. J. Mason May 1915Link

W. Lelean June 1897Link

W. Taylor October 1904Link

W.H. McCartney June 1928Link

W.Merryful July 1896Link

Walter Edwards March 1875Link

Walter John McIntosh May 1942Link

Walter King June 1899Link

William Ah Kar April 1916Link

William Albert Anderson April 1928Link

William Alder May 1891Link

William Armstrong October 1914Link

William Asleton February 1897Link

William Berry October 1927Link

William Birch September 1874Link

William Breheny October 1891Link

William Cannon September 1903Link

William Chamberlain March 1936Link

William Clucas September 1887Link

William Collins April 1886Link

William Cracknell March 1922Link

William Crilly September 1904Link

William Crothers March 1918Link

William Darby January 1878Link

William Darby January 1896Link

William Davies March 1930Link

William Doyle June 1918Link

William Duncan Stewart October 1911Link

William Edwards February 1887Link

William Evans January 1891Link

William Evans June 1903Link

William G Boyd September 1892Link

William Gaynor February 1912Link

William George July 1891Link

William Geyle May 1868Link

William Gunn November 1921Link

William Gunn senior October 1888Link

William H. Geyle January 1936Link

William Harley September 1907Link

William Harriman August 1888Link

William Harry McDonald March 1942Link

William Henry Long August 1940Link

William Hobart Ryan January 1909Link

William Horsefield Emmett January 1941Link

William Hughes June 1883Link

William John Owen October 1896Link

William John Prentice June 1939Link

William John Risstrom August 1937Link

William Johnson July 1920Link

William Johnson September 1883Link

William Jones October 1918Link

William Joseph Smith July 1922Link

William Kerr March 1886Link

William Lachmund February 1879Link

William Laurie January 1934Link

William Lloyd April 1901Link

William Lloyd August 1931Link

William McDonald February 1890Link

William Merryfull June 1885Link

William Mumford December 1886Link

William Neilsen July 1895Link

William Northausen August 1914Link

William Oliver Devance November 1884Link

William Owen February 1888Link

William Owen May 1886Link

William Patrick Ryan January 1938Link

William Rhodes May 1932Link

William Robert LaurieLink

William Sayers May 1913Link

William Smith December 1880Link

William Steward August 1920Link

William Stewart August 1907Link

William Talmage July 1913Link

William West April 1937Link