Whroo Cemetery Obituaries

Gold was discovered at what became Whroo in late 1853.

The present cemetery was not formally reserved until 1860.

Burials between these years may have been on the land now occupied by the cemetery, or in other locations nearby.

Isolated bush graves have been identified informally, but lost again as the elements washed down the mounds of earth and vegetation grew.

Not all deaths and burials were reported in newspapers.

Only a small number of obituaries were published.

Obituaries tell something of the life and times of the deceased person, and may be of interest to their descendants and others.

Displayed here are reports and obituaries found by researcher and historian Alan McLean who always welcomes inquiries from members of the public.

He also appreciates new information about the deceased, and new obituaries and death notices which have so far escaped his research.

There are over 150 obituaries listed below.

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Ah Pow August 1874Link

Ah Wing March 1870Link

Alex Sandy Darroch November 1902Link

Alexander Campbell May 1864Link

Alexander Darroch April 1877Link

Alfred Gilsenan February 1883Link

Alfred Joseph (Frederick) Leroy February 1876Link

Alfred LeRoy June 1880Link

Alice Ludlow December 1890Link

Alice Violet Mason January 1889Link

Ann Webster September 1886Link

Annie Hipgrave March 1890Link

Arthur Clarke August 1902Link

Arthur Martin May 1892Link

Arthur Penna February 1894Link

Augustus Thompson December 1867Link

Bridget Pope May 1915Link

Captain Williams December 1893Link

Charles Baud July 1906Link

Charles Berry August 1903Link

Charles Blann May 1870Link

Charles Brasher October 1890Link

Charles Mason September 1885Link

Child of Neil Neilson July 1895 RushworthLink

Collier and Sharp children May 1875Link

Cornelius Connolly April 1923Link

Daisy Mason July 1888Link

Daniel Cameron March 1885Link

David Murray October 1888Link

Donald Cochrane August 1898Link

Dr James Horsburgh June 1886Link

Edward C. Leather July 1869Link

Edwin Cheong July 1945Link

Edwin Gloster June 1906Link

Elizabeth Folan July 1893Link

Elizabeth Johnston June 1886Link

Elizabeth Peterson July 1889Link

Ellen Mary Stock March 1893Link

Francis Pollon December 1887Link

Fred Stock 1893Link

Frederick Cook September 1868Link

Fredrick Christensen July 1889Link

Fritz Hohmann June 1895Link

Gee Hock May 1890Link

George Hodge December 1891Link

George Jones January 1940Link

George Phillips January 1891Link

George Thompson October 1894Link

George White not shown Whroo cemeteryLink

George Williams August 1869Link

Gilbert Cochrane March 1895Link

Gilbert Richmond September 1881Link

Gladys Cheong October 1919Link

Hannah Jamieson July 1885Link

Henry Ashley November 1891Link

Henry Harris July 1870Link

Henry Hodge July 1904Link

Henry Judson July 1885Link

Henry Motton May 1870Link

Henry Pettifer May 1909Link

Henry Pettit May 1898Link

Henry Robertshaw May 1880Link

Hope Richard January 1872Link

Hugh Cameron December 1897Link

Infant Birney Whroo May 1905Link

James Darroch March 1890Link

James Hipgrave August 1902Link

James Pettifer July 1924Link

James Sharp June 1862Link

James Wickens March 1938Link

James Wilson March 1874Link

John Boyle April 1878Link

John Clark June 1893Link

John Dalcam April 1892Link

John Darroch Sept 1895Link

John Grant Menon September 1877Link

John Hazel February 1894Link

John Hobart Coates February 1870Link

John Hunter Menon April 1875Link

John Kiley September 1888Link

John Le Deux February 1900Link

John LeRoy September 1953Link

John McNaughton February 1897Link

John Murray April 1887Link

John Pettifer May 1869Link

John Sharp January 1902Link

John Tredinnick November 1890Link

John Welch May 1879Link

John Welch November 1888Link

John Wilkinson November 1906Link

Lawrence Northausen January 1886Link

Luke Ah Cheong May 1902Link

Mark Webster December 1892Link

Martin Pettifer August 1900Link

Martin West December 1888Link

Mary Dalcam August 1896Link

Mary Jane Pettifer October 1934Link

Matthew Pope June 1896Link

Michael Dillon October 1894Link

Miss Constance Haines June 1907Link

Miss Jane Baud March 1904Link

Miss Margaret Horsburgh September 1869Link

Mr Wilson June 1904Link

Mrs Alice Connolly May 1895Link

Mrs Ann Dalcam July 1879Link

Mrs Ann Lloyd December 1872Link

Mrs Anstead possibly buried Whroo May 1875Link

Mrs Bent December 1884Link

Mrs C Berry September 1879Link

Mrs E Clarke June 1902Link

Mrs Eliza Northausen July 1903Link

Mrs Elizabeth Peterson July 1889Link

Mrs Elizabeth Taylor November 1875Link

Mrs Harriet Bazeley November 1883Link

Mrs Helen Cheong February 1927Link

Mrs Hester Berry October 1903Link

Mrs Jane Palmer July 1894Link

Mrs Louisa White July 1885Link

Mrs Margaret Horsburgh May 1893Link

Mrs Maria LeRoy December 1907Link

Mrs Mary Dyer September 1894Link

Mrs Mary Welch July 1902Link

Mrs Olivia Deslandes November 1900Link

Mrs Rose Birney February 1878Link

Mrs Sarah Baud August 1914Link

Mrs Sarah Cheong March 1936Link

Mrs Susan Cochrane May 1933Link

Mrs Susan Dalcam September 1894Link

Mrs W. Allan September 1892Link

Mrs Wilson July 1906Link

Nicholas Frank April 1887Link

Niels Nielsen April 1902Link

Otto Opperman December 1893Link

Robert Darroch November 1892Link

Robert Hodge June 1888Link

Robert Wilson January 1868Link

Sharp and Collier children May 1875Link

Thomas Bryant January 1891Link

Thomas LeRoy June 1905Link

Thomas Martin August 1896Link

Thompson child Whroo 1868Link

William Allen May 1891Link

William Bazeley April 1894Link

William Desmond August 1896Link

William Govan August 1861Link

William Harrison December 1886Link

William Irvine August 1885Link

William Mann October 1886Link

William Moffatt June 1862Link

William Stewart August 1907Link

Willie Lewis March 1877Link