Nominal Rolls

Listed below are the names and details of soliders from the district who served during WW1.

They have been provided by local researcher and historian Tony Ford.

Legend for Nominal Roll

* Asterisk after a SURNAME indicates the person is shown on the Rushworth War Memorial as killed/died in the war

RWM = Rushworth War Memorial; RSS = Rushworth State School; MSSS = Moora Sth State School; WSS = Waranga State School; PRES = Presbyterian Church; ANG = Anglican

Letters after a SURNAME indicate an award - VC = Victoria Cross; DCM = Distinguished Conduct Medal; MC = Military Cross; MM = Military Medal; MiD = Mentioned in Despatches

(sic) after SURNAME means incorrectly spelt on honour roll. See right column for correct spelling


ADAMSONH Herbert   *       Colbinabbin; WW2 V362588
AKERSEEdwin James69227Pte17th Gnl Service Rfts*        
ALLENC HCharles Henry3685Pte8th Battalion***      
ANDERSONCChas   * *      
ANDERSONC GCharles Gordon2671Pte39th Battalion**   *   
ANDERSONGGeorge486Dvr4th MG Battalion*  *    Waranga
ANDERSONLLaurence Francis342L Cpl8th Battalion*       Boer War - S.Af Mtd Irregs
ANDERSONRRoy Frederick1784Pte38th Battalion**       
ANDERSONRReuben6401Pte3rd Traffic Con *   *   
ANDERSONR CRobert Carlton4128Pte6th Battalion*       Murchison
ANDERSONR WRobert William76358Tpr1st ALH**   *   
ANDERSONS H G    *        
ANDERSONT HThomas Hector Norman413Pte2nd MG Bn *      b Rushworth
ANDERSONT H G         *   
ANDERSONW HWilliam Henry5688Dvr1st Aust Res Park (ASC)** * *  Waranga
ANDERSON, MiDJ PJames Percy (Jim)4069Sgt4th Battalion**    * Boer War - 5th VMR
ANDERSON, MMD CDonald Cameron5646Sgt7th Battalion**   *   
ANDREWSS LSamuel Levi3692Pte5th Battalion*       Colbinabbin West
ARMSTRONGD CDavid Cunningham2123PteAMTS**       
ARTHURH AAlbert Henry523Dvr37th Battalion*   *    
ARTHUR*JFredrick James1788Pte37th Battalion*        
AYLETTW William John2094Tpr13th LHR*        
BAILEYF LFrederick Leonard5464Able SeamanRoyal Australian Navy**   **  
BAILEYH W CHenry William Clarence2031Pte3rd Pioneers Battalion**   **  
BAKER*WWilliam373T/Cpl9th Light Horse*        
BALDWING AGeorge4359Pte22nd Battalion* *      
BALDWINJ James Mathew3114Pte57th Battalion*       Whroo
BALDWIN*AAlfred900Pte7th Battalion*        
BANKSTThomas2313Pte46th Battalion*       Murchison
BARKERWWilliam John3243Pte46th Battalion*       DOW 12.8.16
BARROW*JJohn6716Pte5th Battalion*   *    
BEDWELLW AWilliam Alexander7829Pte11th Battalion*        
BERRYGGeorge6799Sapper3rd Tunnelling Co*       b Whroo
BERRYHHenry Harold2332Pte20th Battalion*       KIA 26/7/15
BERTHELSENH W Hans William672APte41st Battalion**       
BETSONJJohn2266PteAASC Dtls*        
BICKNELLLLouisa Annie Staff NurseAust Army Nursing Service*       Egypt
BLAKEG PGeorge Phillip21735PteAust Army Medical Corps*       DoD 30/11/18
BLAKEJThomas John1976Pte29th Battalion*       KIA 26/9/17
BLAKER ERobert Ely3020Gunner24th Field Artillery Bde*        
BLAKEWWilliam John 691Lance Sgt23rd Battalion**  *   b Cornella East
BLOXAM (sic)HHarry 3465Pte2nd Aust Div Train*       Bloxham
BOLDISTONAAlbert747Pte37th Battalion*        
BOLDISTONJ EEdwin James24Pte39th Battalion*        
BOND*RReginald Rupert340L/Cpl7th Battalion*     *  
BRANDERAAlexander1075Pte7th Battalion * * *  Father prev publican at Imperial
BRANDERJJohn James829Pte24th Battalion*    *   
BRANDERNNorman   **       
BRASHERJJohn5244Pte13th ASC Field Bakery**       
BREN*J FJohn Frederick4988Pte22nd Battalion**       
BROCKLEBANKCConstance Rees Staff NurseAust Army Nursing Service*     * India
BROCKLEBANKRRalph Thomas Lt6th Field Artillery Bde**    *  
BROWNCCyril   *     * Discharged without serving - injured, Accidentally wounded
BROWNT RThomas Robert2126DriverArtillery Dtls*       Colbinabbin
BROWN, MMW CWilliam Christopher1805Pte37th Battalion*   **   
BRYDONR JRupert James5781PteMachine Gun Bn Dtls*    * *b Carag Carag
BUCKLEGGeorge2113Pte6th Battalion*        
BURCHLCharles Leslie   *       Discharged without serving - medically unfit, Murchison
BURGEB HBennie Howarth3929Cpl4th Light Horse*    *   
BURGETThomas 55570Pte7th Battalion**  * *  
BURGE*C CClifford Charles Lt24th Battalion**   **  
BURGOYNERCyril Roy821Gunner36th HAG*       Elmore
BURRELL, DCM,MMFFrancis Douglas (Frank)23S/Smith1st Light Horse Regt    * * Also MiD
BUTTERSHHenry Charles Frederick1820Pte3rd Pioneers*       Murchison
BYRNE*L JLionel James (Leo)2042Cpl37th Battalion**  * *  
CALLEYFFrancis Alexander402Sgt 59th Battalion*        
CAMERONC A NChristopher Aldane2810Sgt59th Battalion**   *   
CAMERONHHugh James2932Sgt8th Light Horse*    *  WW2 -VX80981
CAMERON*WWilliam  Sec Lt9th Light Horse*    *   
CAMPBELL, DCMEEdwin3245Cpl51st Battalion*       b Whroo; 3rd Div Boxing Champion
CAMPIGLI, DCMDDonald Hugh7460SapperCorps Signals Coy*    *   
CASEY*JJames1625Pte38th Battalion* *      
CHAMBERSD E (sic)David Lee231Tpr4th Light Horse** *     
CHAMBERSG EGarnett Ernest Hopetoun2424Gunner2nd Field Artillery Bde** **    
CHARLTONG VGeorge Victor2601Pte7th Battalion*        
CHARTERSJ AJames Alexander2576Pte5th Battalion   *    Waranga
CHARTERSRRichard Ernest495Pte7th Battalion   *    Waranga
CHEONG/CHONGP JJames Parmer22081Driver4th DAC**       
CHONGAArthur8289SapperTunnelling Coy* *     Enl WA
CHRISTIANE        *    
CLARKEJJames Henry2353Pte14th Battalion*       Murchison
CLARKEJ    *        
CLARKERRobert James61121Pte10 GSR*       Murchison
CLARKE*J B John Bowman3224Pte53rd Battalion*        
CLARKSONA EArchibald Ernest2639Pte59th Battalion*       Colbo WM; DOW 25/4/18
CLAYTONC A Charles Albert3475Pte8th Battalion**       
CLEARYA EAlfred Edward5664Pte20th ASC*  *     
CLEARYB PBertie Phillip510Sapper2nd Tunnelling Coy*  *     
CLEARYRRichard342Pte1st Remount Unit*  *    Waranga
CLONEYW JWilliam James347Pte57th Battalion*        
CLONEY*J PJames Patrick2992Spr5th Field Coy Engineers*        
CONSIDINE*JJohn 151Tpr8th Light Horse**       
COONEYA BAlbert Buchanan773S/Sgt1st Coy ASC*       Father Head Teacher RSS
COONEYC W MCecil William Marcus   *       Discharged before serving, Joined RAN 1921
COONEYD G    *        
COWANAAlbert Walker892Pte7th Battalion*       Elmore
COWANAAlfred Tudhope629L/Cpl38th Battalion*       b Runnymede
CRACKNELL *FFrederick William3305Pte11th Battalion**    *  
CROCKEREErnest Munroe12276Gunner2nd Field Artillery Bde      * Enl WA
CROTHERSJ DJoseph Daniel16163Pte4th Field Ambulance**     *Carag Carag
CROTHERST WThomas William75164N/AN/A*       b Corop; medically unfit
CROTHERSW     *       
CROWEA EAlbert Edwin6673Pte37th Battalion**       
CROWEW AWilliam Arthur4403Pte22nd Battalion**       
CROZIERSSydney James759Pte6th Light Horse* *     DoW 29/3/18
CUNEENDDonald3522nd CplAust Prov Corps*       With 8th LHR at The Nek
DARRIGAN*JLawrence James849Pte37th Battalion*    *   
DARROCHR HRobert Henry4181Pte1st Pioneers*       b Whroo
DAUNTSSteven57074Tpr8th Light Horse*       Toolamba
DAVIES*P EPercival Ernest4164Pte6th Battalion*        
DAVIS F HFrancis Hasting2782Cpl59th Battalion**  **   
DAYJ W LJames William Low2808PteAAOC*       Murchison
DAYRRupert William51438Pte22nd Battalion*       Served WW2 - V91804
DAYW JWilliam JohnN/ACaptain37th Battalion*       Angustown
DAY*, MM J JJames Joseph6607L Cpl5th Battalion*        
DILLON, MMBBernard James4325Pte9th Battalion*        
DOBBIE (sic)AAlexander3502Pte57th Battalion*       Dobie; Myola East
DOOLEYM VMichael Vincent171SgtAust Prov Corps**       
DOOLEYS J    *        
DOOLEYT JThomas Gerome3804Pte2nd Aust Machine Gun Co *       
DOWNINGFFred3306Pte57th Battalion*  *     
DOWNINGJ JJeremy James (Jim)140Sgt21st Battalion** *     
DRAPERAArthur Robert Cameron4225Bdr2nd Aust Field Artillery**       
DRAPERG    *        
DUGGANCCharles James1271Pte39th Battalion*       Murchison
DUNLOPS J       *    Waranga
DUTTONAArthur Ernest255Cpl38th Battalion*       Corop - KIA 9/6/17
DWYERCCharles Produnk1940Pte5th Battalion***  *   
DWYERDDavid Benjamin10401Gunner5th Aust Field Artillery*    *  b Moora
DYSONF    ***      
EDWARDSE    *        
FINLAYSONA    *    *   
FLORANCE (sic)WWilliam Peter331Pte7th Battalion    *   Florence
FREERAAlexander6008Dvr4th Battalion**       
FURPHYH GHenry Gustavus6497Pte5th Battalion *     *Carag Carag
FURPHYWWallace "Wally"NZ 7/46 8th Canterbury Mtd Rfls*       Wanalta. Enlisted in NZ
GALLAGHERS W    *        
GALLAGHERT WThomas William2001Pte16th Battalion *       
GARDINER (sic)A HAlfred Henry6052Pte11th Battalion*    *  Gardener; b Reedy Lake
GAULT (sic) MC, MiDCCharles Lt8th Field Artillery Bde**      Galt; b Rushworth
GEISLERGGeorge1756Pte8th Light Horse*    *   
GEISLERJJames768Gunner12th Field Artillery Bde**   *   
GEISLERJJacob   *     * Discharged before serving
GELLAAlfred Francis2357Pte 48th Battalion*    *  Father a bank manager
GELLS    *    *   
GEYLER CRichard Cornish1942Air MechAust Flying Corps**  * *  
GEYLEVVincent Richard19138Pte1st LH Field Amb**       
GOODWINJJohn1460Pte8th Battalion*     *  
GOODWINM Maurice Alfred3496Pte8th Light Horse*     *  
GUTHRIEAAlexander (Jnr)4196Pte1st Pioneers**   *  Stonemason
GUYF GFrancis Xavier George203Sgt2nd FC Engineers*        
GUYF XFrancis Xavier5840Pte21st Battalion***      
GUYRRoy3114Pte5th Pioneers Bn*        
HAMLEYH    * *      
HAMMOND*A GArthur George ("Boy")6358T Cpl4th Field Artillery Brigade*  *     
HANNANMMarshall Grovenor3070Pte44th Battalion**      Elmore
HANRAHANTThomas Patrick3080Pte39th Battalion*        
HARRINGTON EEdward3518Tpr4th Light Horse*        
HARRINGTON J    *        
HARRINGTON, DCMCCharles361Tpr7th Light Horse*        
HAWKINGCClarence 60935Pte2nd AMTS**  *    
HAWKINGH WHarold 5242Cpl1st Aust Field Bakery**      Married in England
HEILYVVickers987PteAust Flying Corps*** **   
HENSHALLCCharles Frederick55156Pte8th Battalion*        
HENSHALLE E Edward Ernest5353L/Cpl24th Battalion*        
HERDJ    * *      
HICKSRHerbert Roy2172L/Cpl60th Battalion*      *Carag Carag
HICKSS VStephen Victor169Sgt8th Light Horse**     *Carag Carag
HICKS*HHector Richard2178Pte8th Battalion**     *Corop
HILBURNAArthur William3076Pte39th Battalion***     DoW 18/10/17
HILBURN*FFranklinN/APteN/A*   **   
HILLE CEdward Caldwell2131Gunner3rd Army FA*        
HOAREJFrederick James278Sgt Major4th Light Horse*    *  b England
HODGSONRRobert17834Sapper5th Field Coy Engineers*       b Corop
HODGSONR WWilliam Roy Lt2nd Field Artillery Bde***   *  
HOLDENJ RJohn Rupert55L/Cpl12th Field Ambulance**    *  
HOLDENSSydney Semmens71503SapperWireless Trg School*     *  
HOLDEN, MiDF JFrancis Joseph18562nd Cpl5th Div Signals Coy**    *  
HUNTS BSidney Beaconsfield17627Pte12th Field Ambulance*   *    
HUSSEYFWilliam Francis6787Pte Aust Army Pay Corps* *      
INGRAMH       *    Waranga - NOK Mother
INGRAMR       *    Waranga - NOK Mother
IRVINGP (sic) Frank Melbourne4091Pte5th Aust Machine Gun Bn*       Murchison
JOHANSENAAndreas Johan ("Alf")72256N/AN/A*        
JOHANSENJJack       **   
JOHNSONCClarence Graham2758Pte59th Battalion *       
JOHNSONG          *  
JOHNSONH GHarold Gordon296Cpl37th Battalion**  * *  
JOHNSONLLeslie John1332Pte39th Battalion*       Colbo WM; KIA 21/2/17
JOHNSONR FRupert Francis69Pte8th Battalion**    *  
JOHNSON*J CJames Clarence385Bugler7th Battalion**    *  
JONESBBenjamin609Pte37th Battalion*     *  
JONES, DFCGGeorge CaptainAust Flying Corps**       
KEARNEYWWilliam Francis3431Pte8th Light Horse*       b Rushworth
KENNYRVictor Roy3827Pte6th Battalion*       b Murchison
KENNYT NThomas Neil5699Pte7th Battalion*        
KERRHHenry2486Pte60th Battalion*       KIA 19/7/16
KILDEAFFrancis Vincent1429Driver2nd Field Artillery Bde*        
KING*JJames3831Pte59th Battalion*       Murchison
KING*W J CWalter John Charles (Chas)2543Pte29th Battalion***  * *Other = Corop
KOCHC HClarence Henry20054Spr1st Div Sigs Coy*        
KOCHE JEdgar James2096Pte38th Battalion*        
KOCHLLen G   *      *Colbinabbin
KOCHLLester Joseph64555Pte8th Light Horse*       Elmore
LA PEYRELLeon3074Pte6th Battalion**   *   
LA PEYREVVictor244PteAust Corps Rfts Coy*    *   
LA PEYRE*EErnest1782Tpr1st Imperial Camel Corps**   *   
LAMBDENH CHenry Charles13960PteAAMC**  * *  
LAURIEJ SJohn Sutton928Pte5th Battalion* *  *   
LAURIE (sic)A SAndrew Stewart1638Pte5th Battalion* *  *  Shd be Lawrie
LE ROYAAlfred207Pte60th Battalion** *    b Whroo; Killed 19/7/16
LEE EEric 849L Cpl22nd Battalion*       b Goornong; KIA 4/10/17
LEETET T AThomas Troughton6842PteASC*        
LEVERJ SIrvine Ernest751PteMGB NDtls*       b Rushworth
LIDDYLLeslie Joseph69558Pte17th Rfts GSG*       Enl Murchison
LIDDYVVincent Patrick3315Gunner1st Field Artillery Bde*        
LINESJ JJoseph John5406Pte14th Battalion*       Bailieston
LOUGHRIDGE*WWilliam4238Pte6th Battalion*        
LUCASF NFrancis Norman4537Driver58th Battalion**    *  
LUCASGGordon446Pte5th Battalion**    *  
LUCASSJames Stanley Brooks324Pte38th Battalion*       Corop
LUXONRReginald Harold1227Cpl38th Battalion*        
LYNDONBBasil Keith1005Cpl59th Battalion**    *  
LYNDONE FEric Fone5409L Cpl8th Battalion *    *  
LYONSJ TJohn Thomas1723Pte24th Battalion*       Sth Murchison
LYONS*JJohn Thomas150Pte3rd Battalion*       Murchison
MALONEOOswald Joseph172SapperNo 1 Aust MT Coy*       Angustown
MAPLEBACKGGeorge2650Pte6th Battalion**      KIA 7/10/17
MAPLEBACKJJohn Joseph1956Pte4th Div Signals Coy**       
MASONH SHerbert Samuel137Tpr8th Light Horse**       
MASONRRichard Martin39673Gunner14th Field Artillery Bde *    *  
MATTHEWSF JFrancis John3870Pte21st Battalion*       Murchison
MATTHEWS*DDaniel MurrayNZ44299Pte1st Bn Auckland Regt*       Enlisted in NZ
MATTHEWS*R TRichard Thomas4253Pte6th Battalion*        
MCCARTNEYC BCaleb1707Pte48th Battalion*        
MCCLUREW R        *    
MCCONVILLECCharles Edward3129Pte8th Light Horse*     *  
MCCRACKENE E Ernest Edward15336DriverASC*     *  
MCDONALDH S    *   *    
MCEVOYJJohn Joseph5149Pte59th Battalion*       Cornella East
MCEVOY, MMJJames Anthony1544Cpl24th Battalion*        
MCKENZIEDDonald4275Pte6th Battalion*       Murchison
MCKENZIEEEwen McKinnon41722nd Cpl22nd Battalion   *    Waranga
MCKENZIEH WKenneth Henry William6813Pte6th Battaliion   *    Waranga
MCLEANCCharles Lieutenant24th Battalion     *  b Goornong; Clerk of Courts
MCLEODDDonald1873Pte37th Battalion**    * KIA 12/10/17
MCLEODJJames1787Pte7th Battalion**  * * WW2 - V17860
MCLEODKKenneth Meadowbank3840Pte4th Light Horse*   *   Horsebreaker; Nom Roll R3845
MCMAHONP Peter Joseph1884Pte4th Light Horse*       Elmore
MCMILLANRRobert Angus61449T Dvr4th Div Train*       Murchison
MCMURRAY, MMNNorman22054Batt Sgt Maj8th Field Artillery Bde    *   Policeman
MCNAMARALLeo Patrick27517Dvr3rd DAC*        
MCNAMARAWWalter Joseph3565Pte24th Battalion   *    Waranga
MCNAMARA, VCFFrancis Hubert (Frank) CaptNo 1 Squadron AFC **       
MEACHAMAAlbert Edward6876Pte2nd Battalion**       
MEACHAMHHerbert Alfred6778Pte2nd Battalion**      DOD 11/12/18
MERKEL, MC, MiDx2L GLeslie George Capt5th Div Engineers**       
METCALF, DCMJJohn 3181Pte59th Battalion*    *   
MEYERSHAlfred Herman50107Pte22nd Battalion*       Bailieston
MILLERCCharles1493Pte1st Aust Pioneers*       Boer War No 16, 1st VMR
MILLERC ECharles Edward   *        
MILLERJ E    *     *  
MILLERR RRoyal Robert6344Pte24th Battalion*       Murchison
MILNEEErnest Charles1451Gunner2nd Field Artillery Brigade*       Murchison
MILNEMMaurice Edward51418Gunner1st Field Artillery Bde*       Murchison
MORRISC CCyril Clifford469Pte2nd Aust Machine Gun Bn*       Whroo
MORRISS JSidney John1561Gunner2nd Field Artillery Brigade*    *   
MORRISWWilliam   *        
MORTIMERFFrank   ** *     
MORTIMERW    ** *     
MOSS, MC, MiD x 2RRichard George Captain23rd Battalion   *    Waranga. Policeman
MUHLHANE C Edwin Charles201Sgt7th Battalion**    *  
MULLER*J EJohn Edmund3917Pte5th Battalion**       
MURRAYJJames1782Tpr1st Anzac Light Horse*        
MURRAYM EMary Ellen "Nellie" Staff NurseAust Army Nursing Service*       Egypt, Salonika
NEILSENN    **    *  
NEILSEN* (sic)K AKenneth Alexander1752Pte46th Battalion*       Neilson
NIELSENM Mary Margaretta Staff NurseAust Army Nursing Service*     * Egypt, Western Front
NIHILL, DCM, MMP Patrick Leo631L Cpl38th Battalion*       Runnymede
NORTHAUSENC LCharles Laurence4494Pte28th Battalion**       
NUTTWWilliam Thomas1462Driver1st DAC    *    
O'DONNELLFFrancis52582Sapper1st Div Sigs Coy*    *   
O'LEARY*DDaniel James343Pte7th Battalion*        
O'SULLIVANSStuart Poyner39686Cpl2nd Field Artillery Brigade**    *  
O'SULLIVANV FVivian Francis4560Sgt7th Battalion**    *  
OWENS (sic)HHerbert GeorgeV80370  *       Discharged before serving, Owen; Bailieston
PARFREYW TWilliam Thomas554Pte8th Battalion*       Bailieston E. KIA 14/4/18
PARKERHWilliam James Horace422Cpl4th MF Battalion**       
PEART*W A RWilliam Andrew ReginaldN/AMajor2nd Field Artillery Brigade**   *  KIA 3/11/17
PEELJJames 174Pte16th Battalion**    *  
PEELJJohn7304Pte14th Battalion**    *  
PERRETTW    *        
PERRY, MMA EAlfred Ernest2952L Cpl8th Light Horse*       b Bailieston
PETTIFERR    *   *    
PETTIFER, MMR TRobert Thomas4751L Cpl24th Battalion*       Bailieston
PLATTEEllis Riddial22731Bombardier7th Field Artillery Brigade      * b Rushworth
PLATTHWilliam Howarth126CplABPO      * b Rushworth
PLUMMERS    **    *  
POCKNEESStanley Irvine64503Pte8th Light Horse      *  
PODMOREWWilliam George6560Pte7th Battalion*        
POTTERS H    *        
POTTERT HThomas Harry8880Dvr5th Field Coy Engineers *       
PRENTICE, MME GErnest Gordon337SgtProvost Corps (Mil Police)**    * Orig 6th Battn
PRICE*T JThomas John4017Pte23rd Battalion*        
PRIMROSEJJohn Bouverie3590Sgt21st Battalion*     *  
PRIMROSETEdward Gerard Tremayne324Sgt4th Light Horse**    *  
PYLEA GAlbert Gordon429Pte13th Battalion*        
PYLER TRupert Thomas3610Sgt4th Field Artillery Brigade**   *   
PYLE*G HGeorge Henry801Pte5th Battalion*        
QUIRKMMatthew James3436PteAIF HQ*       Redcastle
RATTRAYBSamuel   **      Enl Rushworth, Discharged as "incorrigible and worthless"
RAYNOR (sic)HEdward Hume495Pte2nd Pioneer Battalion**   *  Rayner; father Postmaster pre-war
RAYNOR (sic)P Phillip George491pteAust Flying Corps**   *  Rayner; father Postmaster pre-war
REIDV CVictor Clive22635Cpl1st Field Artillery Bde*        
RICHA          *  
RICHE    *        
RICHR RRobert Robins811PteAust Army Medical Corps**   **  
RICH*HHarry Nelson1960Pte23rd Battalion**       
RISSTROMSStanley Robert1643Pte3rd Pioneers* *      
RISSTROM* (sic)AArthur Edward7073Cpl14th Battalion**      Ristrom
ROBERTSG    *        
ROBERTSL    *        
ROBERTS, MMG LGordon Leopold35636Bombardier10th Field Artillery Brigade* *     b Wanalta
ROBINSONGGeorge William2239Pte60th Battalion*      *Corop; KIA 26/9/17
RODSTEDJJames Capt10th Light Horse**      DoW 6/11/17
ROGERSW J    *        
ROSEJJohn "Jock"5410Pte22nd Battalion* *  *   
ROSETThomas Alexander1043Sgt14th Battalion* *  *  b Moora
ROULSTONJJoseph3456Pte46th Battalion*       b Toolleen
ROULSTON*GWilliam Gilbert3939Pte5th Battalion**   *   
ROXBURGHA    *        
RYANM    *        
RYANTThomas Francis2515Pte59th Battalion*       b Corop. KIA 26/9/17
RYAN, MMJJohn Francis1995aPte18th Battalion* *     b Rushworth
SCOTTWWalter   *    *  Discharged before serving, WW2 - V27268
SCOTT*JJames EdwardNZ50954T/SgtNZASC*    *  Enl NZ; parents Rushworth
SEAGRAVE (sic)W JWilliam Joseph4304L Cpl6th Battalion*       Segrave; Enl Murchison
SEAMONSA RAlexander Robert4310Pte7th Battalion   *    Waranga
SEAMONSC JCharles John4311Pte7th Battalion   *    Waranga
SEAMONSC LCharles Leslie4313Cpl7th Battalion   *    Waranga
SEAMONSG WGeorge Wilson4312Pte7th Battalion   *    Waranga
SEMMENSJ MJames  Lt Col6th Battalion in 1915**    *  
SHEARGOLDF G    * *  *   
SHEARGOLD*EErnest Francis6942Pte22th Battalion     *  b Rushworth; KIA 3/6/18
SHORTP MPhilip McMillan14616Driver5th Aust Div Train*       Cornella East
SIMPSONAArthur James Lt15th Light Horse Regt**  * *  
SINCLAIRE    * *      
SLEEW JWilfred Raymond64574Pte4th Light Horse**  * *  
SLENDERWWalter Albert6353Pte5th Battalion*        
SMARTTThomas2957Pte7th Field Artillery Brigade* *      
SMITHE CEgbert Charles2347Sgt9th Light Horse**  **  POW in Middle East
SMITHF RFrederick Reuben2397Pte3rd Pioneer Battalion**   *   
SMITHM    **       
SMITHSSamuel Charles3429Pte5th Pioneers Bn*       Bailieston; Enl WA; married in UK
SMITHW BWallace Blantyre29878Farrier Sgt5th Field Artillery Bde*       Murchison; blacksmith
SMITHW JWilliam John3533Cpl11th Battalion**      Enl WA; KIA 9/4/17
SPENCEA A LAmbrose734PteA Corps Troop**   *  Married in UK
SPENCEH GHugh Gillies Cameron1283Q/M SgtImperial Camel Corps**      Disch 1/12/16 to join British unit
SPENCEL JLeslie John2153Pte21st MG Coy*   **   
STANLEY*JJohn Thomas735Cpl21st Battalion*        
STEVENSONFFrank5431Pte24th Battalion*        
STEWARTGGalloway2384Cpl4th Light Horse**   *  WW2 - VX16243
STRAWHORNH P BHeriot Percy Breton472Pte 21st MG Coy* *      
STRAWHORN*AAndrew1667Pte37th Battalion*    *   
STYLESJ    *        
SULLIVANW CWilliam Charles127Pte10th MG Coy*       Nagambie
SUTTONJ    **       
TAYLORHHenry Clive2891Pte6th Battalion**       
TAYLORL BLeonard2489Pte60th Battalion*        
TAYLORW     *       
THOMASC    *    *   
THOMASF GFrank Gearing14829Staff Sgt4 Sea Transport*     * b UK; Enl Rushworth
TIERNEYTThomas1110Pte8th Battalion*       b UK; Enl Rushworth
TILSONCCharles Francis1518Driver2nd Field Artillery Brigade*       Murchison; Went OS twice
TILSONFFrederick Michael232Pte1st Machine Gun Bn*        
TILSONJJames Charles LieutenantIst Aust Signals Squadron*        
TILSON*FArthur Francis (Frank)1386BdrRoyal Aust Field Artillery*        
TOOHEYDDavid John4211Pte4th Field Coy Engineers*       b Nagambie
TOOHEYJJohn Joseph918Pte13th Battalion*       b G Weir; WW2 VX13329
TREACYA TAlbert Thomas487Pte7th Battalion**       
TREGELLASW HWilliam Henry3813PteCorps Cent Sch*       Teacher
TREWICKRRoger2723Pte2nd Aust Pioneer Bn*       b Elmore; DoD 3/5/17
TROUGHTONWWilliam Albert14689Sapper9th Field Coy Engineers   *    Engineer - Waranga Basin
TURNBULLJ    *    *   
TURNBULL*J MCNJohn Charles McNicol241Pte39th Battalion**   *   
TURNBULL*J WJames Walker4324L Cpl6th Battalion*    *   
TURNBULL, MMH WHerbert Weir522Sgt24th Battalion*    *   
VICKERSTThomas Walter3630Pte57th Battalion*       b Elmore
WADE*GGeorge Martin6423Pte3rd Battalion* *      
WAGENERWWilliam George34974Gunner8th Field Artillery Bde*        
WALKERIIrene McKennell Staff NurseAust Army Nursing Service*       Persian Gulf (Hospital Ship), India
WALKER St JSt John Henry38547Gunner14th Field Artillery Bde**    *  
WALLAArthur Walter6397Pte21st Battalion**       
WALLG TGeorge Thomas7242nd Cpl2nd Aust Tunnelling Coy**       
WALLISEErnest1801Pte57th Battalion*       b England; No 1802 on Nom Roll
WATERSE    *     *  
WEBBJ E    *        
WEBBJ F     *       
WEDMORE*GGeorge Henry1640Pte6th Battalion*        
WELLINGSJ    **       
WILLIAMSONEEric McLeod424Pte8th Battalion**   *   
WILSONMMary ("Molly")  SisterAust Army Nursing Service*     * Egypt, Salonika
WILSONMMargaret ("Peggy") Staff NurseAust Army Nursing Service*       England, Western Front
WOODYATTG (sic)Orlando2417Pte37th Battalion*        
WOOTTONH    *  *  *  
WOOTTONS EStanley Eli Lt 60th Battalion*  *  *  
WRAYF WFrederick (Rev) Lt ColAustralian Chaplains*     *