I am a mapping professional who has been working in the mapping industry for over 20 years. Throughout the course of my career I have had particular interest in community mapping projects and how mapping or the use of Geographical Information Systems (GIS) can be used to help small community based groups or Non-Government Organisations (NGOs).

After working with several local government organisations where I was involved in updating and mapping cemetery records I recognised there was particular need for a simplified and low cost method for digitally recording and mapping cemetery records.

Cemetery records whether they be cemetery maps and/or cemetery lists are often recorded on singular maps and/or ledgers and therefore are prone to be lost completely in the event of a fire or flood or simply misplaced.

Larger cemeteries have often already converted their records into digital format in the form of a GIS. Smaller or community run cemeteries however do not often have the monetary resources to undergo this process.

In conjunction with a number of small cemetery trusts in Central Victoria, I have developed a simple and low cost process for digitally recording and mapping cemetery records.

The process involves digitally combining cemetery records and mapping information using GIS which then can be accessed online through both a database search engine and maps.

For further information on this process feel free to peruse this website including examples or contact me if you have any questions on how such a system could be developed for a particular cemetery.

I am also a certified UAV operator and can undertake drone flights to capture high resolution aerial photography for accurate cemetery mapping (see the examples on this website).

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Nick Buzza